Football Pontoon FAQs


How many players do I need?

There are 92 clubs, but you don't have to use them all. So you can have as many players as you want up to 92. You can assign more than one team to each player if you wish.

How much do I charge the players?

It's up to you. Clubpontoon recommends £1 per player.

Can a player have more teams if they want?

Yes, simply put the number of teams they want in the player details area. Just remember to charge them extra!

How much money can my club make?

This depends on the number of players you have. The more players you have, the more money the club will make. Clubpontoon recommends each player is charged £1 per week, and you pay out 50% of the takings in prizes. So if you get 25 players, over a season the club should make almost £500.

How much does the winner get?

This depends again on the number of players, more players means bigger prize. It is also down to how much of the takings you want to give as a prize. Clubpontoon suggests 45% of the takings for the game is paid to the winner and 5% to the team with the least goals as a booby prize. It normally takes approximately 5 weeks for a team to get 11 goals. Therefore if you have 25 players, the winner will get £56.25 and the booby prize is £6.25.

How much is it to use

It's free !

When can I start to play?

Your pontoon game can start on any weekend in the football season.

How do I get started?

Register on-line by entering your email address and club details. You will be sent a welcome email with a unique password. You then need to log on using that password, but don’t worry if it’s a difficult password, you can change it on-line. You can then enter all you player details, and finally decide when to start the game.

Can I change the number of players in my pontoon game?

Yes, but not whilst a game is in progress. You can add or remove players in your admin area before you start a new game. Once logged in, select the ‘player details’ page. Once there, to delete a player, select a player from the dropdown box and simply choose the ‘delete’ button. To add a player, enter the player name and number of required teams in the input boxes, and select ‘update’

How does Clubpontoon help?

If you run a pontoon game yourself, you need to ensure all scores are entered every week, keep a running total of the goals for each player, and re-assign teams for each pontoon game. If this only takes an hour per week (if you're quick), then over the season, that’s a working week spent running the pontoon for your club. That’s why many clubs can’t get someone to afford the time to run a pontoon game. ClubPontoon will do all that. All you have to do is enter the names of the players, and you only have to do that once

What will ClubPontoon do for me?

Once you have registered, entered your player names, Clubpontoon will assign one or more teams from the Premiership, Championship, League 1 or League 2 to your players. Each week, when all scores for the weekend are available, we will check whether one of your players has won (reached 11 goals). You can generate a ‘leaderboard’ to show the current status of the game at any time. If there is a winner, we will email you the details, and the game will be stopped. You then simply start the next game when you wish, and the cycle is repeated

Can I see what teams have been allocated to my players?

Yes, simply log in to your account and select ‘Team Allocation Report’

There is no team allocation report

You need to log in and select ‘Initialise Game’. This will then allocate teams to players, and give access to the team allocation report. Please ensure all players names are entered before you do this as no players can be added once a game is in progress

When are the goals input for the teams?

Goals are usually entered on Tuesday as there are often games on a Monday night that need to be included

When will my pontoon game start?

The game will start on the first Friday that occurs from the time you select ‘Initialise Game’, including that day. So, if you Initialise your game on a Friday, it will start on that same day. If you Initialise on any other day, it will start on the following Friday, Irrespective of whether there is a game or not on that Friday

Do I need a gambling licence to run a pontoon?

We have sought confirmation from the gambling commission regarding licencing, and the rules are as follows:

The pontoon is deemed to be a form of lottery. A private society lottery can be run for members of your private society. This could be a sports club, community group or other type of organisation.
A private society can be any group or society as long as it is not set up for gambling purposes.?
Pontoon can only be run either to raise money for good causes or for fun. They cannot be run for private or commercial gain.
You can sell tickets to members of the society, and people who aren't members of your society. However, anyone who is not a member must buy the tickets on the society's premises.
The minimum age for participating in a private society lottery is 16
A private society lottery can only be used to raise money for good causes, it cannot be for profit or just for fun. It can be used to raise money for something relevant to your club, group or organisation or to raise money for another good cause.

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